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Unconventional Resources Technical Advisory Committee

The primary role of the Unconventional Resources Program Technical Advisory Committee (UR TAC) is to provide a reservoir of technical expertise to draw upon for technical evaluation of proposals submitted to the Unconventional Resources Program. Members of the UR TAC may also be asked to participate in technical progress reviews of ongoing projects and provide input to decisions regarding project direction. Operators and service companies represented on these committees represent the likely “early adopters” of the program technologies, who will lead the way for wider industry adoption and provide the real-world examples that will facilitate meaningful technology transfer. 

Proposals submitted in response to an Unconventional Resources Program request for proposal (RFP) are divided into topic areas for review in order to align the technical expertise and experience of reviewers with the content of the proposals. The specific topic areas chosen for a given RFP depend on the content of that RFP.

Topics include but aren't limited to:

Wellbore integrity including placement and cementing of casing to mitigate unwanted migration of fluids; best practices for wellbore integrity, spill protection during drilling and completion operations. Integrity testing and local and federal requirements.

Stimulation and Completion
Methods for improving the connection between the wellbore and the reservoir; development of environmentally friendly fracturing fluids; techniques for minimizing fluids. Hydraulic fracturing effectiveness over time and diagnostic evaluation.

Reservoir Engineering
Development of new approaches for understanding and modeling the dynamics of unconventional gas reservoirs and predicting production and recovery.

Reservoir Description Technologies
Development of geological, geophysical, geochemical, or other methods to predict the location of significant gas accumulations or the occurrence of reservoir properties (sweet spots) that will allow economic production.

Water Focus - improved water sourcing methods, water handling, water processing technology and water disposal options. Techniques for optimization of the water handling life cycle for field development and water recycle.

Land Focus -  minimizing the drilling footprint; experience with pad drilling and best practices; management of well numbers per pad; optimization of wells per pad and association production equipment; environmental issues unique to pad drilling. 

Solid Waste Focus -  techniques and experience with the handling of drill cuttings, NORM and well completion solids; drill pit management and solids transport and storage. 

Three or more reviewers provide technical evaluations of the proposals within each topic area. To the greatest extent possible, all of the proposals within a topic area are evaluated by the same set of reviewers, who then have the opportunity to discuss their evaluations in a teleconference prior to finalizing their review scores and comments.


Members of the Unconventional Resources TAC are also available to support the Small Producer Program by providing technical reviews of proposals submitted to that program.