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Unconventional Resources Achievements

RPSEA's awards encompass the most critical operational areas for ultra-deepwater, unconventional resources and small producer needs.

Unconventional resources represent major sources of hydrocarbon
production for the nation.

Project Achievements are highlighted below.

RPSEA has informed EPA regarding hydraulic fracturing including leading and facilitating the EPA workshop on hydraulic fracturing water requirements. RPSEA participated on the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board providing technology program input. SEAB has recommended RPSEA support.
EPA has utilized RPSEA/Colorado School of Mines produced water program for understanding produced water needs.
Hydraulic fracturing water usage and flowback chemistry documented and reported to industry and the public through multiple venues.
RPSEA program has worked closely with industry consortiums in the Barnett and Marcellus shale; forums sponsored to inform both industry and public regarding water issues and hydraulic fracturing.
Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) program has reached out to thousands of constituents providing environmental best practices and techniques.
Developed beneficial use approach for removal of salt and management of NORM.
CBM produced water technology management center being utilized worldwide; portfolio of water treatment technologies available.
Developed best practices for mitigation of hydraulic fracturing water footprint and technology guidance.
The Marcellus flowback study, working with the USEPA, PA EPA and others, concluded (after analyzing for more than 250 contaminants) that the flow back water is similar to produced water; water that has been managed by industry for years. The perception that this flow back water is a “witch’s brew of toxins” was mitigated.



Rock Saw Technology - Carter Technologies – Spreadsheet for mechanical properties for Rock Saw System.
Produced Water - Colorado School of Mines – Comprehensive website and catalog of water processing techniques.
New Albany Gas Shale –GTI – Basin wide assessment of NAS potential.
Black Warrior Gas Resources - Geologic Survey of Alabama - Identified technically recoverable Black Warrior Basin resources.
Self Teaching Expert System - LBNL – Website for unconventional gas development assessments. Self Teaching Expert System - LBNL – Website for unconventional gas development assessments.
Microwaves and Coal Stimulation – Penn State – Impact of microwave energy on coal.
Condensate Impact on Low Permeability Gas Flow – Stanford - Permeability reduction due to condensate and flow envelope of conditions.
Novel Fluids for Gas Productivity Enhancement – U. of Tulsa
Shale Well Re-fracturing – U. of Texas – Protocols for when to re-fracture and the techniques for doing so.
Water Pretreatment – GE – Developing technique for processing produced water.
Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) Program – HARC – Multiple environmental impact mitigation techniques.
Water Management and Reuse – GTI – Documentation of produced water quality; fresh water usage documented.
Marcellus Hydraulic Fracturing Experiment- GTI Range Resources – Comprehensive hydraulic fracturing experiment.
Piceance Basin Lenticular Sands – CSM – Protocols for developing Piceance basin lenticular sands.