Full Name

2011 Unconventional Resources

Prevention and Remediation of Sustained Casing Pressure and other Isolation Breaches

Subcontractor: CSI Technologies, LLC

Principal Investigator: Jeff Watters
Project Number Project Status
11122-42 Active
RPSEA Project Manager: Rob Vagnetti
Southwestern Energy; The Measurement Group; University of Houston
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
May 29, 2013 September 30, 2016
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$7,018,963.00 $4,096,691.00 $2,852,082.00
Project Objectives

The objectives of this project are to develop techniques to mitigate risk to groundwater resources associated with shale gas development, to remediate failed annular seal to stop communication in an existing well, to improve techniques that enhance lifelong wellbore annular isolation during the wellbore construction process, and to prevent potential annual seal failure which can cause sustained casing pressure (SCP) later in the well life.  The application of this project will illustrate positive value and acceptable risk of the gas shut-off and prevention concepts. The success of the field trials will drive the technology transfer of this developed concept to shale gas driller cross the U.S. as well as other unconventional plays employing factory drilling methods for wells with high potential of SCP. In general, the issue of sustained SCP as it relates to horizontal shale wells will be researched.


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