Full Name

2011 Unconventional Resources

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing

Subcontractor: Gas Technology Institute

Principal Investigator: Iraj Salehi
Project Number Project Status
11122-20 Completed
RPSEA Project Manager: Skip Pratt
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
December 27, 2012 March 27, 2016
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$9,104,300.00 $6,201,000.00 $2,903,280.00
Project Objectives

The primary objective of this project was to develop advanced methods and techniques for design and execution of environmentally safe and economically efficient hydraulic fracturing. The goal was to minimize the amount of water and additives used for fracture stimulation of a unit reservoir volume thereby alleviating the concerns relative to excessive use of fresh water, large volume of flow-back water, water disposal injections, and heavy truck traffic. The proposed optimization shall also reduce cost translating to sustainable production from gas shales.


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