Full Name

2007 Unconventional Resources

Reservoir Connectivity and Stimulating Gas Flow in Tight Sands

Subcontractor: Colorado School of Mines

Principal Investigator: Dag Nummedal
Project Number Project Status
07122-15 Completed
RPSEA Project Manager: Kent Perry
The University of Colorado; Mesa State University; iReservoir; Bill Barrett Corporation; Noble Energy Inc.; Whiting Petroleum Corporation; ConocoPhillips Company
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
September 19, 2008 July 1, 2012
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$7,528,256.00 $2,894,256.00 $4,634,000.00
Project Objectives

The project objective was to assess all parameters important to tight gas sand production in the Piceance Basin using the Mamm Creek field as a data source. The importance of all geologic, engineering and geophysical components and their interaction will be investigated.


File Name File Type Date
Migration Dynamic Subsidence Across Late Cretaceous Interior Basin Farallon Subduction Liu Nummedal Article 06/11
Reservoir Connectivity and Stimulated Gas Flow in Tight Sands Project Report 1 11/08
Development of Static Reservoir Models Baseline Report 10/09
Regional Structure and Natural Fractures Baseline Report 10/09
Reservoir Flow Simulation Tied to Rock Properties Baseline Report 10/09
Building on RCP’s Earlier Work in the Piceance Basin: A Spring Board for 21st Century Research in Tight Gas Baseline Report 10/09
Azimuthal AVO and Attenuation Analysis for Fracture Characterization Baseline Report 10/09