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Events and Meetings

Successful technology transfer and the uptake of technology within an organization can be enhanced by a familiarity with RPSEA’s ongoing process and the projects funded under this Program. To this end, RPSEA seeks to participate or exhibit at multiple industry functions to engage with industry stakeholders and to disseminate information on RPSEA and the Program. RPSEA hosts, participates, exhibits, sponsors and/or supports various oil and natural gas industry functions throughout the year.

RPSEA has an established working relationship with OTC, PTTC, SPE, AAPG, SEG, NAPE, Hart’s, PennWell and others and will work with these groups by participating as session chairs, on planning and program committees, in speaking roles and in other roles so as to leverage RPSEA’s limited resources. The objective of this participation will be the timely and cost effective dissemination of RPSEA-sponsored project results and targeting existing events with audiences that have specific needs for the technologies being presented.

RPSEA has broadly reached out to involve the oil and gas community through an outreach program of technology forums hosted by various RPSEA members across the country. These forums have served as excellent vehicles for identifying critical research needs and obtaining input for research program content that drives the future of each RPSEA program. As the Program develops research results, these forums will shift to greater emphasis on Program results and the transfer of information, while maintaining a technical input component.

In addition to the theme-based member forums, which focus on the Unconventional Resources and Small Producer Programs, the Ultra-Deepwater Program uses a series of Technical Advisory Committee meetings that identify technology gaps and define specific project themes, which serve as the basis for solicitations. These meetings allow RPSEA to take advantage of the extensive technical expertise at critical stages during program development and execution.

In some technical areas, several contractors work on different aspects of a single key challenge. The most effective technology transfer occurs when these contractors each present their own results, but do so in a way that emphasizes their contribution to the solution of the larger problem. There are situations where the volume of technology and the focus of the technology may best be accomplished as a standalone event. In these cases, RPSEA organizes focused workshops on a closely-related suite of technologies or a specific RPSEA program. Depending on the nature of the technology, the workshop might involve simulations, training based on case studies or exposure to the actual application of the technology in a field setting. The desired result is to enhance the capability of industry to make appropriate decisions regarding the application of new, commercially available technology that is developed through the program.

And as a RPSEA member benefit, RPSEA hosts member receptions and meetings each year. These events are held as an appreciation to our members who support us each year. They are to promote a spirit of unity within the oil and natural gas communities, while creating opportunities for networking and fellowship among our members and the RPSEA Board and staff.