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RPSEA is a new model for a public/private partnership that has never existed at this scale in the natural gas and oil industry and resembles the model recommended by the 1999 National Petroleum Council (NPC) study. Using a collaborative approach with industry, academia and government to advance technology, RPSEA’s membership includes corporations, service companies, producers, research organizations, universities, national laboratories, financial entities, nonprofits and consumer and civic organizations from all levels and sectors of both the oil and gas E&P and R&D communities. The model, uniquely developed for the natural gas and oil sector, seeks to replicate the success of other models developed for other public and private sectors such as the National Aeronautical Space Administration and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which employed flexible, innovative and relevant methods to achieve their objectives by matching capabilities with needs and goals. This “network of networks” avoids reinventing the wheel by utilizing and leveraging the robust individual capabilities of the network components. Moreover, member company volunteers are subject matter experts in their lines of work, who routinely collaborate to solve problems and fill the most important technology needs. This breadth of membership helps ensure that consortium-administered R&D funds are directed towards key problems in ways that leverage existing industry efforts. Membership has more than doubled since the inception of the Program in January 2007. These members represent 26 states, the District of Columbia and Provinces of Canada. These members collectively have more than 650,000 employees worldwide and represent approximately 55 percent of U.S. natural gas and oil production. Thirty-five percent of RPSEA membership is U.S. small businesses.


Participation in RPSEA is open to all organizations resident or incorporated within the United States, Mexico and Canada and that are actively engaged in the energy industry or energy-related research.

  • Commercial energy companies, regardless of size, engaged in the business of energy exploration, production, field operations and/or transportation, and/or in the business of energy technology research, development, deployment or commercialization;
  • National laboratories/Federally Funded Research Development Centers;
  • Academic institutions involved in natural gas and other energy research and development;
  • Non-government organizations and industry trade associations with an interest in energy and/or environmental science, technology or policy; and Federal or state governmental agencies.