RPSEA Launches Program to Leverage Investments in Onshore Research

RPSEA, a consortium of premier U.S. energy industry, research universities, independent research organizations, and foundations collaborating with state and federal agencies to meet the nation's growing need for hydrocarbon resources produced from reservoirs in America has launched the Research for Onshore Resources (ROR) Program.

The ROR Program enables members to leverage their research investment to meet their global onshore business needs, specifically in the upstream and midstream business, including carbon capture, use, and storage, produced water management, use, and disposal and other needed actions.

By addressing and filling a long-standing gap in collaborative onshore upstream and midstream energy technology research, the ROR Program facilitates delivery of cost-effective technologies to the energy industry. The ROR Program identifies and develops economically viable, low-risk methods to produce and transport hydrocarbons from onshore areas. Onshore plays, especially unconventional, contain significant reserves and is one of the best exploration and development opportunities for oil and gas companies. Producing and transporting hydrocarbons from unconventional reservoirs, however, can present commercial and technical challenges.

Through the ROR Program, members collaborate in the development of common technology for use within the onshore area focused on production and transport from unconventional reservoirs. In doing so, each party minimizes the cost and risk of developing the technology while at the same time making the most of technology achievements. “Members, through a majority vote by the Management Committee, make all decisions regarding the scope, cost, and performance of the work to be performed under the core projects,” stated Rich Haut, President of RPSEA. “It is also up to the Management Committee to decide whether an Associate Member or group thereof may participate in a certain core project.”

“RPSEA has tremendous resources throughout industry, academia and other stakeholders,” said John O’Brien, Chevron’s Research & Development Portfolio Manager. “As a successful public-private partnership, RPSEA provides a unique management role in ensuring focused research, development and deployment of safe and environmentally sensitive technology that will effectively deliver hydrocarbons to the citizens of the United States.”

For more information, please contact:

Richard C. Haut, President/RPSEA