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Membership Benefits

RPSEA programs leverage and focus funds for vital research to efficiently recover America's hydrocarbons. During rising industry uncertainty, it makes sense more than ever to spend money wisely. Is your company pursing the right technology at the right time for the right price? What is the cost of doing business if you are using the wrong technology? 


RPSEA offers a variety of ways, including advisory committees, to work with industry peers and research experts. Plug in and stay abreast of those new technologies being developed to unlock unconventional, small producer and ultra-deepwater resources and those technologies that target mature assets and turn them into reserves.


Your RPSEA membership is an investment in securing the future of our nation’s natural gas and oil resources by producing more secure, abundant and affordable domestic energy. Join the member organizations - universities, independents, major operators, service companies and providers, national laboratories, nonprofit organizations, state agencies, public and private research organizations – that represent 26 states, the District of Columbia and Provinces of Canada. Collectively, these members employee more than 650,000 employees worldwide and represent more than 55% of U.S. natural gas and oil production.


Member Benefits Include:

  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and direct the future of RPSEA
  • Participation on advisory committees to focus research priorities and select awards
  • Access to technical forums, workshops, membership meetings and other activities at a member rate
  • Leveraging research capability across many entities instead of using organization funds on specific and possibly redundant research
  • Advance information and updates, as well as full access to reports, including operational research and request-for-proposal solicitations through newsletters, e-mails, publications, reports and the members-only pages of the website
  • Access to research for organizations that don’t have internal research capability
  • Invitations to give presentations at forums, meetings and conferences, and exhibit in RPSEA's booth at industry events
  • Opportunities to network and form strategic alliances and collaborations within the RPSEA network

Member Dues

  • Commercial Company with Annual Revenue > $100M $10,000
  • Commercial Company with Annual Revenue < $100M >$30M $5,000
  • Commercial Company with Annual Revenue < $30M $1,000
  • Academic Institution $2,500
  • State/Federal Government Entity $10,000
  • Nonprofit Organization/Trade Association $1,000